Using Bias Tape for a Professional Finish

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Using bias tape is a great way to finish off the edge of a project on anything from clothes to quilts. However it can be easy to miss an edge of the tape while stitching because it is a narrow strip of fabric and you can’t see both sides while stitching. Stacy Grissom shows you a great technique to use to ensure that both side of the bias tape are secured to the fabric every time.

Double Fold Bias Tape

Another tip to help ensure both sides are caught in the stitching when using bias tape, whether using the technique shown in this video or another method, is to first look at the bias tape and determine which way it should be placed on the fabric. One side of the bias tape will be slightly longer than the other. Place the longer side of the bias tape on the wrong side, or under side of your fabric before stitching. This will give you a slightly wider margin of error for catching the other side of the bias tape in the seam. Most commercial double fold bias tapes will already be made this way, and it might also be something you want to do if you make your own bias tape.

Single Fold Bias Tape

The method shown in this video for bias tape with a double fold is similar to using bias tape with a single fold. The only difference is that there isn’t a fold in the bias tape to stitch along, and a narrow seam allowance from the edge is needed instead. Single fold bias tape is narrower that double fold once attached to your project and has a more subtle look.

Professional Finish

The technique Stacy uses for attaching the bias tape to a project can also be combined with some hand stitching for a very professional finish. Stitch the first side of the bias tape to the project as shown in the video, then fold the tape over the project edge, pin in place and hand stitch using a blind stitch so the threads are not seen. This is a technique used when binding quilts that can also give a nice finished look to other projects as well.

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8 Responses to “Using Bias Tape for a Professional Finish”

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  1. Sue

    She should have mentioned if she was sewing from the front or back on the last step…or written top and back on the sample

  2. Mary-Jane

    Thank you! I didn’t know that one part of the bias tape was wider than the other! Also how do I finish neatly if I use bias binding on the hem of a doll dress. The bias binding is going around the hem but I have difficulty finishing it neatly. This would be very hepful to me. Thank you in advance.

    • Customer Service

      Hello Mary-Jane,

      One way to ensure a neatly finished bias binding is to stitch the binding to the right side using the machine and then once it is folded to the wrong side you can stitch it by hand with an invisible whip stitch. This will eliminate the problem that a lot of people have of either having the stitching showing or areas of the binding on the wrong side not being caught in the stitching. If you like the idea of not being able to see the stitches but do not want to do any hand sewing- you can always use a product like fusible hem tape (as long as you can press the fabric the bias binding is being attached to) to hold the wrong side of the bias binding in place.

      Hope this helps!

      Ashley NQC Video Membership

      • Carol Hopwood

        In haute couture sewing this would be known as a Hong Kong finish which was used to neatly finish edges of an unlined garment. Instead of bulky bias binding, one would make her own bias from thin China silk, thus no bulk to any of the finished seams.
        One suggestion for this video that if you are using contrasting thread to show your work, please make sure that all of your stitching is perfectly straight because your’s is slightly crooked. Sorry

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