Janet Pray

Using Downloadable PDF Patterns

Janet Pray
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Duration:   23  mins

Learn about downloadable PDF patterns and get tips for achieving the best results when printing, taping, and cutting out the PDF pattern pieces. Plus, get tips for working with commercial tissue patterns, including tracing a pattern onto separate paper and transforming a cut-on-fold pattern piece into a single-layer piece.

It is often challenging to fold the pieces back into a tidy package after use when using tissue paper patterns. In this video, learn how to re-fold the tissue paper to get the pattern back into the pattern envelope neatly. Janet Pray shows you how!

Downloadable patterns are becoming increasingly popular and can be a convenient alternative to a physical pattern. However, they have different requirements than tissue-paper patterns, as some cutting and taping are necessary to achieve each full pattern piece. Janet Pray gives a comprehensive guide to preparing PDF patterns for precise results.

Janet goes over the unique elements of a PDF pattern and gives tips on printing out the pattern for the best results. Janet demonstrates how to align the individual sheets of a PDF pattern and tape them together accurately.

If you don’t want to cut a pattern piece on the fold, you can transform the piece into a flat pattern piece to cut in a single layer. Janet demonstrates how to use a double layer of extra paper to trace off the pattern piece, transfer markings, and cut out, creating a full pattern piece.

Janet also gives tips when working with multi-size patterns to accurately cut or trace the correct size line and preserve the original pattern.

For more videos on pattern manipulation, check out how to alter patterns for size and fit, pattern alterations and tools, plus tips and tricks for pattern grading.

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