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    NSC LIVE! October 2021

    Need some company while you sew? Put on our NSC Q&A on in the background to learn something new while you work on your project! Grab some fun and free Halloween Projects from our Craft-o-ween Mini-series completed this week!

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    NSC GOLD: Reusable Produce Bags

    Make your own drawstring bags for fruits and veggies using lightweight fabric, such as cheesecloth or other sheer material.

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    NSC LIVE! August 2021

    Come learn from Nicki LaFoille as she answers our communities questions. She chats about the pattern of her shirt, what bias is and much more. Also, grab our free Color Theory download from our friends at the National Quilters Circle!

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    NSC GOLD: Cat Paw Oven Mitts

    Welcome GOLD Members! We have a great class for you on how to create adorable, cat paw oven mitts. Watch the class so you can make your own!

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    NSC LIVE! July 2021

    We have another NSC LIVE! Join Ashley Hough and Nicki LaFoille as they answer live viewers questions about tailoring your clothes, putting your feed dogs down, and tension. Find a new project on our Free Sewing Pattern hub! We add new patterns frequently.

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    NSC LIVE! June 2021

    On this month’s LIVE Q&A, Ashley Hough and Nicki LaFoille answered questions from the audience about the best fabric for a shift dress and a slip under a skirt, what types of hems work best for garments, and shared some best kept secrets from the audience on how to stop a run in tights. Watch…

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    NSC LIVE! May 2021

    Nicki LaFoille and Ashley Hough answered live viewer questions during our May Q&A. Listen in to hear them chat about pesky sleeves and how to remedy them, fun gardening apron patters, fixing embroidery patterns and some of their favorite tools! Head over to our Free Patterns page now!

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    NSC LIVE! April 2021

    Our April NSC Q&A was so much fun! Ashley Hough and Nicki LaFoille talked about creating piping for pillows and purses, embroidery and answered many more live viewer questions. Check it out now to learn something new! Before the live show, grab our download titled How to Use a Serger and Serger Techniques!

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    NSC GOLD: Piping Edge Zippered Pillow

    In this GOLD LIVE video, Nicki LaFoille teaches us how to pipe a Zippered pillow. Watch and learn something new!

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