• 33:40

    NSC LIVE! December 2019

    In this month’s NSC LIVE, Ashley Hough was joined by special guest Ellen March, Director of Content for Sulky of America.

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  • 1:03:32

    NSC LIVE! November 2019

    Did you miss November’s LIVE event? Catch the full recap here with Ashley Hough and Nicki LaFoille. They answer your sewing questions live in this fun, interactive, and informative Q&A.

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  • 1:00:46

    NSC LIVE! October 2019

    In this month’s NSC LIVE, Nicki LaFoille and Ashley Hough discussed sewing machine brands, fusible stabilizer, embroidery, elastic bands in skirts, and more.

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    NSC GOLD: Pumpkin Basket

    Learn how to make a fun pumpkin basket with Ashley Hough, editor at National Sewing Circle. Ashley demonstrates how to assemble the curved pieces of the pumpkin and how to add a circular bottom in order to get the desired shape. She also shows variations that can be done with this project, including easily changing the size, adding a handle to make it into a trick-or-treat bag, and adding additional embellishments.

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  • 1:03:24

    NSC LIVE! September 2019

    In this month’s NSC LIVE, Nicki LaFoille and Ashley Hough discussed Halloween costumes, specialty fabrics, needle types, fabric marking tools, and much more.

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  • 1:00:55

    NSC LIVE! August 2019

    Ashley Hough and special guest Nicki LaFoille answered viewers sewing questions live from our Minnesota headquarters. Catch the recap here!

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  • 1:00:10

    NSC LIVE! July 2019

    In this month’s NSC LIVE with Nicki LaFoille, get tips on how to alter ready made clothes, learn about the different sizes of rotary cutters and how they can be used to cut out pattern pieces, and learn about some of the easier patterns to make and fabrics to use if you are a beginner.

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    NSC GOLD: Folded Fabric Hot Pad

    Ashley Hough demonstrates how to fold fabric to make a stunning star shaped folded fabric hot pad. Folding fabric is a great way to add dimension and texture to projects.

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  • 1:04:11

    NSC LIVE! June 2019

    In this month’s NSC LIVE with Nicki LaFoille, learn about what needle and thread combination to use when sewing together different types and weights of fabric, understand when to use different stitch lengths and learn some great resources for pattern and clothing adjustments and alterations like hems, tucks and full bust adjustments.

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