• How to Use a Seam Ripper

    How to Use a Seam Ripper

    Megan Smith teaches you how to use a seam ripper properly without creating holes or tears in your fabrics. Learn the most efficient ways to use your seam ripper as well as see what seam rippers work best for specific projects. Related Article: Essential Sewing Tools and Supplies

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    Testing Sewing Machine Embroidery Patterns

    Old T-shirts make a great piece of fabric for testing out your sewing machine stitches. In this video, Leah Rybeck demonstrates a quick and easy trick for testing a sewing machine embroidery pattern before you start your next project.

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  • Quick Tip: How to Store Bobbins

    How to Store Bobbins

    When it comes to sewing, no one likes to have to stop in the middle of a project to wind a new bobbin. This is why it is handy to have several pre-wound bobbins available during each project. ZJ Humbach shares several ways of how to store bobbins so you will always have one available.…

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  • Build a Sewing Library

    Tips to Building a Sewing Library

    Whether you want to refresh your memory on an old sewing technique or you want to learn something new, having a sewing library can be a great help. ZJ Humbach explains the importance of a good range of sewing books, shares some of her favorites and gives tips for how to start to build a…

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  • Understanding Different Bobbin Sizes

    Understanding Different Bobbin Sizes

    Whether you work with different sizes and types of sewing machines on a regular basis or you are simply buying extra bobbins for your home sewing machine, it is important to know about the different bobbin sizes. ZJ explains about several of the different bobbin sizes, what machines they work in and how using the…

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  • 3:50

    Tips for How to Buy Fabric, Needles, and Thread

    Going to a fabric store for the first time can be intimidating. Or, even if you’ve been many times, trying to find something new and different can be frustrating. Learn how to buy fabric, needles and thread, and discover the different varieties available. Fabric Learning how to buy fabric can help save you time and…

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  • 2:44

    Fabric Folding & Organizing Tips for Storage or Travel

    Fabric folding is a key element in keeping your sewing studio neat and organized. Tara Rex shares great fabric folding tips for both stacking and storing fabric as well as packing it in a tote for travel to a sewing retreat. Storage When it comes to storing fabric in a sewing studio, most of us…

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  • 2:32

    Using a Fabric Circle Cutter for Perfect Circles

    Whether you are making yo-yos or planning out a rounded applique design, cutting circles can be a tedious process. Learn how to use a fabric circle cutter that makes cutting circles quick and easy. Tools When is comes to crafting and sewing shortcuts, there is usually a tool out there that can make a job…

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  • 3:28

    How to Use Fusible Web and Other Adhesives

    Whether you are doing applique, or just prefer to use a fabric adhesive as an alternative to pins, Tara Rex shows you what product to use. She shares information on several different kinds of fabric adhesives, including fusible web, glue sticks and adhesive spray. Fusible Web Fusible web is a popular product to use when…

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