• 2:33

    Rotary Cutter and Needle Safety Tips

    No matter what you are cutting or sewing, it is always important to use proper safety measures. Tara Rex shares several rotary cutter and needle safety tips that will help ensure safe sewing. Rotary Cutting Blades It may seem counterintuitive, but sharper rotary blades can actually be safer than dull blades. Having a sharp blade…

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  • 2:42

    Creative Uses for Fabric Stabilizer

    Fabric stabilizer is a great product when it comes to machine embroidery, but it can have many other uses too! Watch as Ellen March explains some of her creative uses for fabric stabilizer, including applique and pattern templates. Whether it’s wash-away, tear-away or cut-away fabric stabilizer, applying it to the wrong side of fabric when…

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  • Cut Out Pattern Pieces Faster with Fabric Weights

    Cut Out Pattern Pieces Faster with Fabric Weights

    Whether you’re working on a project with many pattern pieces or just a few, you can save time with pattern weights. Pattern weights can be used in place of pins to hold a pattern piece on top of your fabric while cutting it out. Not only is it easier to simply place a weight on…

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  • The Best Serger Thread

    Choosing the Best Serger Thread

    Add extra flare to your next serger project by changing up your thread. Unlike a conventional sewing machine, a serger is able to use many different thread types while stitching. In this video, ZJ Humbach takes you through which thread paths go to the needles and which go to the loopers, depending on what kind…

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  • 2:33

    How to Easily Remove Serger Stitches

    Whether you’re new to using a serger or you’re a seasoned professional, there will probably come a time when you need to rip out serger stitches. In this video, ZJ Humbach shows you several ways you can remove serger stitches with ease. She takes you through several tools that can be used for the process,…

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  • The Right Measuring Tool for the Pattern Making

    The Right Measuring Tool for Pattern Making

    Having the right tool can make any sewing job easier, and when it comes to pattern making the right ruler can make all the difference. In this video, Beth Bradley takes you through some of her favorite rulers to have when creating or altering a pattern and explains the benefit of each one. Beth also…

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  • 25:11

    How to Use a Sewing Machine

    When buying a new sewing machine, you may decide to take classes on how to use that machine. However, if you purchase your machine on the internet or from a private seller, you may not have that option. In this video, ZJ Humbach shares some basic tips on how to use a sewing machine and…

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  • buttonholes

    Using a Button Hole Cutter

    Cutting open buttonholes can be tricky, no matter what size or style. ZJ Humbach shows you how to easily cut open buttonholes using a buttonhole cutter. Types of Cutters Buttonhole cutters come in two main types — straight and circular. The straight buttonhole cutter is typically found in a standard 12 mm size, or roughly…

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  • 6:44

    Sewing Machine Buying Tips

    If you’re thinking about buying a new sewing machine, this is the video for you. Kristin Tabor shares three basic questions that we should ask ourselves when beginning the sewing machine buying process. Depending on what type of sewer you are, your skill level, and the amount you are willing to spend, this video will…

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