• Fun and easy tooth fairy pillow

    Make a Fun and Easy Tooth Fairy Pillow

    When it comes to losing teeth, most kids are excited to leave the tooth under their pillow and see what the tooth fairy brings them. Whether your child is a light sleeper, or you just have difficulty finding the tooth under their pillow- a tooth fairy pillow is the perfect solution. Stacy Grissom takes you…

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  • Sewing a maze

    Great Projects to Begin Sewing with Kids

    If you love sewing, one of the most rewarding things you can do is teach someone else. Jessica Giardino teaches you tips for sewing with children including when to start teaching, what to show them and some fun practice and sewing projects for kids. Attention Span Sewing for kids can be made into a fun…

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  • Kids skirt with contrasting band

    Make a Simple Kids Skirt with Contrasting Band

    Learn how to make a cute kids skirt pattern based on individual measurements. Holly Willis takes you step-by-step through how to create the pattern, cut the fabric and construct the skirt in this fun and quick sewing project tutorial. Pattern This most important part of learning how to make a circle skirt pattern, or most…

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