• Sewing sleeves

    Sewing Sleeves for a Better Fit

    When it comes to garment construction, sewing sleeves can be one of the most intimidating parts. Jill Case shows you how to achieve a better fit and get a smoother sleeve cap when sewing sleeves by removing some of the excess ease built into patterns. Different Types of Sleeves Whether you are making a shirt…

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  • Ironing a shoulder pad

    How to Make Shoulder Pads

    Shoulder pads have been in and out of style throughout the years. Jill Case will show you several types, explains how they can complement your figure and then show you how to make shoulder pads. Types of Shoulder Pads Not all shoulder pads are the same. Some shoulder pads are very thin and provide only…

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  • Pinned sides of a shirt

    Taking In a Shirt

    Taking in a shirt doesn’t have to be a lengthy process. Aurora Sisneros shows you a quick and easy way to take in a shirt by yourself without having to use a dress form. Try It On The first step to taking in a shirt is obviously trying it on, not just relying on the…

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  • How to Alter Sewing Patterns for Shorts and Pants

    How to Alter Sewing Patterns for Shorts and Pants

    Join Ellen March as she demonstrates how to make a pair of comfy lounge pants and alter them for the perfect fit. Starting with a commercial pattern, she’ll provide her tips for modifying any pattern for pants or shorts to your measurements and style. Use this helpful instruction for your next project!

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  • Sewing Pattern Alterations & Alteration Tools

    Sewing Pattern Alteration and Tools

    Nicole LaFoille demonstrates how to best alter a pattern for fit or style. Learn what the necessary tools you need to make alterations as well as the best papers to use. Find out the different techniques of alteration and use these tips to alter your own patterns at home. Related Article: How to Alter a…

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