• Flowery felt pillow

    How to Sew Decorative Flowery Felt Pillows

    Felt is a fun and easy fabric to work with because it comes in a variety of colors, is easy to work with, and doesn’t require any edge finishing. In this video, Ashley Hough demonstrates how to make felt pillows with fun flower centers. Download flower petal pattern here Felt Fabric Felt comes in a…

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  • USA t-shirt

    Sew a Quick and Easy T-Shirt Pillow

    Learn to sew a quick and easy t-shirt pillow. Tara Rex shows you how to stitch and stuff a pillow in just a few simple steps. T-shirt The first step in making a t-shirt pillow is selecting a shirt. Tara explains that these pillows can be used to remember a fun family vacation or even…

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  • Black and white checkered fabric pillow

    How to Make a Throw Pillow with a Fun Flange

    Learn how to make a throw pillow with a decorative flange using only two fat quarters of fabric- ZJ Humbach shows you how. Fabric Learning how to make a throw pillow is not only a great simple project that can be completed quickly, but it is also a fun way to use up fat quarters…

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  • Working with fabric

    Sewing Tips: Easy Edge Finishing

    If you’re like most people with lots of sewing projects to finish, you want the best way to do things, but also the quickest and easiest way too. Tara Rex shares a few sewing tips on how she saves some time finishing edges on a quick pillow project. Tara shows how she finished the edges…

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