• Travel sewing kit

    Sew Your Own Travel Sewing Kit

    Since traveling with a sewing machine isn’t always an option, learn how to sew a fun travel sewing kit from small scraps of felt. Ashley Hough shows you how to put it all together as well as personalize it with easy applique and labeled pages. Supplies This travel sewing kit can be made from just…

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  • Rotary cutter and needle safety

    Rotary Cutter and Needle Safety Tips

    No matter what you are cutting or sewing, it is always important to use proper safety measures. Tara Rex shares several rotary cutter and needle safety tips that will help ensure safe sewing. Rotary Cutting Blades It may seem counterintuitive, but sharper rotary blades can actually be safer than dull blades. Having a sharp blade…

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  • Clipped sides of floral fabric

    How to Secure Laminated Cotton or Oilcloth for Stitching

    Laminated cotton and oil cloth are great to use on projects you want to be fairly water resistant or easy to clean, like lunch bags, beach bags, or rain coats. However, they can be tricky to stitch with if you don’t want to use pins. Stacy Grissom shows you different ways to secure your fabric…

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  • Small zipper coin purses

    Stitch a Quick and Easy Coin Purse Using Fabric Scraps

    A zippered coin purse is a great way to use up some leftover fabric scraps. Stacy Grissom shows you how you can create one in almost any size or shape. She starts with the basic pieces you will need and then shows how to easily attach a zipper using basting tape before stitching. Basting tape…

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