• Padded seat cover for a stool

    How to Make a Padded Seat Cover for a Stool

    Adding a cover to a stool is a great way to customize it and add color to a room. Learn how to make a seat cover with coordinating piping and a fun scalloped edge. Measurements Before you can learn how to make a seat cover you need to take several measurements. Ashley Hough shows how…

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  • Sewing fabric around piping

    How to Make Your Own Piping

    Piping is a great way to add extra detail and design to a project, whether it’s home decor or garments. Ashley Hough shows you how to make piping on your sewing machine with ease. Piping Size It can be difficult to find store bought piping in various thicknesses and widths. However, when you learn how…

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  • Pinned on piping

    How to Sew on Piping

    It’s always fun to create a new accessory – especially a new bag! Once you have finished sewing a new bag, piping cord is a great way to make the bag look finished. While many patterns suggest folding the cording over itself, Stacy Grissom shares a tip on how to sew on piping, and how to…

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