• Ironing a shoulder pad

    How to Make Shoulder Pads

    Shoulder pads have been in and out of style throughout the years. Jill Case will show you several types, explains how they can complement your figure and then show you how to make shoulder pads. Types of Shoulder Pads Not all shoulder pads are the same. Some shoulder pads are very thin and provide only…

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  • Sewing ruffles

    How to Sew Ruffles

    From home décor to garments, ruffles are a great way to add texture to any project. Ashley Hough shows you how to sew ruffles several ways. Random Ruffles One of the great things about ruffles is that you get to decide how you want them to look. You can create non-uniform ruffles by simply lengthening…

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  • Woman holding a fabric car trash bag

    Quick Sewing Projects: How to Sew a Car Trash Bag

    Easily keep your car clean with a quick sewing project. Stacy Grissom shows you how to sew a bag with a sturdy bottom and buckle strap that you can clip anywhere in your car and easily remove when it needs to be emptied. Measurements One of the best things about quick sewing projects is that…

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  • Cut Out Pattern Pieces Faster with Fabric Weights

    Cut Out Pattern Pieces Faster with Fabric Weights

    Whether you’re working on a project with many pattern pieces or just a few, you can save time with pattern weights. Pattern weights can be used in place of pins to hold a pattern piece on top of your fabric while cutting it out. Not only is it easier to simply place a weight on…

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  • Tips for Mixing and Matching Sewing Fabrics

    Tips for Mixing and Matching Sewing Fabrics

    If you’ve been sewing a while, or even if you’ve just recently started, you’ve probably got more than a few pieces of fabric lying around your sewing room. And while just one of those fabrics may not be enough to complete a project, combining multiple fabrics could get it done. Tara Rex shows you that…

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  • Sewing Tips and Tricks to Prevent Bunching of Fabric

    Sewing Tips to Prevent Fabric Bunching

    Here is a quick tip from sewer Leah Rybak on how to keep excess fabric from interfering with your sewing or embroidering project. Prevent bunching of bulky fabric by simply using a few safety pins to pin back that excess.

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