• Flowery felt pillow

    How to Sew Decorative Flowery Felt Pillows

    Felt is a fun and easy fabric to work with because it comes in a variety of colors, is easy to work with, and doesn’t require any edge finishing. In this video, Ashley Hough demonstrates how to make felt pillows with fun flower centers. Download flower petal pattern here Felt Fabric Felt comes in a…

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  • Travel sewing kit

    Sew Your Own Travel Sewing Kit

    Since traveling with a sewing machine isn’t always an option, learn how to sew a fun travel sewing kit from small scraps of felt. Ashley Hough shows you how to put it all together as well as personalize it with easy applique and labeled pages. Supplies This travel sewing kit can be made from just…

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  • Sewing with Felt

    Tips for Sewing with Felt

    Ashley Hough provides helpful tips and techniques for sewing with felt fabrics. See how felt is one of the easiest fabrics to work with. Eliminate potential sewing mistakes by learning how to properly handle this specific type of fabric. Advance in your sewing skills today and check out our videos on working with different types…

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