• Adding a grey ribbon to a strip of fabric

    Sew Your Own Designer Baby Pacifier Clips

    Whether you have a baby of your own, have one on the way, or know someone who does, there are many things you can sew for babies to enjoy safely. In this video, Stacy Grissom shows you how to sew your own baby pacifier clips in a few simple steps. Supplies To make your own…

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  • Baby ring sling

    How to Make a Ring Sling to Carry a Baby

    Learn how to make a ring sling to easily carry around your little one. Stacy Grissom takes you step-by-step through how to make one as well as shows you one way to put your little one in it. Supplies Before you learn how to make a ring sling, it is important to know the best…

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  • Iron and plastic pieces

    How to Make a Fabric Towel Dispenser Roll

    Learn how to make a fabric towel dispenser for reusable fabric ‘paper’ towels. Stacy Grissom shows you how to make this fun home decor sewing project from start to finish and gives you great tips along the way. Supplies For her fabric towel dispenser, Stacy uses a cotton fabric with a fun print for the…

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  • Fun and easy tooth fairy pillow

    Make a Fun and Easy Tooth Fairy Pillow

    When it comes to losing teeth, most kids are excited to leave the tooth under their pillow and see what the tooth fairy brings them. Whether your child is a light sleeper, or you just have difficulty finding the tooth under their pillow- a tooth fairy pillow is the perfect solution. Stacy Grissom takes you…

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  • Corner of owl fabric

    Sewing Corners With a Double-Fold Hem

    Mitered corners are a great way to create professional looking results when sewing corners. Many times mitered corners are associated with quilts or other projects that are being finished with some kind of a binding. However, Stacy Grissom demonstrates how to create a mitered corner while doing a double fold hem around the edge of…

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  • Making an infant car seat cover

    How to Make an Infant Car Seat Cover

    Keeping a baby nice and warm while in a car seat can be difficult. Most car seat manufacturers urge you not to dress your little one in large bulky coats, as this can affect the safety measures of the seat, and most babies move around enough to kick blankets off of themselves. Stacy Grissom shows…

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