• Understanding Different Bobbin Sizes

    Understanding Different Bobbin Sizes

    Whether you work with different sizes and types of sewing machines on a regular basis or you are simply buying extra bobbins for your home sewing machine, it is important to know about the different bobbin sizes. ZJ explains about several of the different bobbin sizes, what machines they work in and how using the…

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  • Pack of buttons on white fabric

    Using Nail Polish for Security When Sewing Buttons

    Whether you sew buttons onto projects using your machine or you do it by hand, there is still a need to secure any thread ends when you are done sewing buttons. Tara Rex shares a fun tip for how she likes to quickly and easily secure her thread ends. Sewing Buttons Tara shows that she…

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  • Thread tamer

    Prevent Thread Breaks and Tangles

    Thread breaks and tangles can be a frustrating aspect of hand sewing. ZJ Humbach shares several of her favorite products that both condition thread and help prevent tangles and breakage. Beeswax Beeswax is one of ZJ’s favorite products to use when hand sewing. You can find it in many craft or sewing stores in the…

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  • Baggie of thread

    How to Prevent Sewing Thread Breakage

    Aurora Sisneros provides helpful tips and techniques for preventing sewing thread breakage. Find out how to put moisture into your older thread by just a few household items. See how simple it is to strengthen your thread! Related Article: Keep Your Thread Long and Strong

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  • How to Make Simple Curtains

    How to Make Simple Curtains

    Learning how to make simple curtains has never been easier! Kristina Saccone shows you how to make a really simple curtain pattern for any size window. Learn how to measure your windows correctly and see the different kinds of fabric you can use to make simple curtains. Also, learn a few finishing techniques to ensure…

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