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Tips for Hemming Jeans: Keep Hem From Flipping

Because my daughter and I are both short, I have been hemming jeans for decades. Nowadays we are wearing jeans that have stretch. I am finding that after they are hemmed, the hem tends to flip up instead of laying flat. It is especially noticeable with the bootcut style of jeans. What do I need…

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Tips and Tricks for Sewing Perfect Garments

Whether you prefer the stylish femininity of a skirt or the sleek, modern look of pants, sewing garments for your bottom half doesn’t have to be a nerve-wracking experience. For amateur sewing enthusiasts, getting the right fit on skirts and pants may seem like too much of a challenge. With some simple planning, a few…

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Help with Hemming

Hi there, my name is David (Davy) Chalmers. I live on the Island of Fetlar, Shetland Isles, Scotland, and that is as far north you can go (without falling off the edge) in the UK. Anyway, enough of the geography lesson. I am 73 years young and rather shaky as I have Parkinsons. However I…

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