10 Quick and Easy Handmade Gift Ideas


One challenge of the holidays is finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list. This year, make your gift-giving an excuse to spend more time sewing! Handmade gifts are not only a great way to share your talents, but are also a unique surprise from the heart. With the help of some of our handmade gift idea tutorials, your leftover fabric scraps can be made into gorgeous and useful gifts this holiday season.

1. Orange Slice Felt Coasters


The holidays are here and for many that means welcoming guests into your home. Coasters can serve as both protection for your wood furniture as well as a great conversation starter. This tutorial by Ashley Hough will show you how to make adorable fruit-inspired coasters. While they may be called orange slices, they can be made in any color. All you need to make these cute coasters is felt, your sewing machine, and something to trace as a circle template. You can easily make several sets for friends and family!

Find the project here: How to Make Orange Slice Felt Coasters

2. Coin Purse


Coin purses make great little gifts for all ages. Stacy Grissom shows you how you can create one in almost any size or shape in this tutorial. She even shares several ideas on how you can personalize or customize the project to make it unique for the person you plan to gift it to. If you are looking to gift more than just a coin purse, you can use the pouch to hold gift cards!

Find the project here: Stich a Quick and Easy Coin Purse Using Fabric Scraps

3. Makeup Brush Organizer


In need of a gift for a makeup enthusiast? It may be hard to purchase the right color eyeshadow or blush for someone else, so why not make something to organize what they already have? Anyone who uses makeup knows it’s essential to have a collection of brushes. In this tutorial, Ellen March teaches you step-by-step how to create a makeup brush holder with laminated cottons. It’s perfect for travel and provides protection for the brushes.

Find the project here: How to Sew a Makeup Bag

4. Designer Headband with a Decorative Knot


Headbands are a great accessory to add to any outfit. Holly Willis shows you how to make a designer headband with a decorative knot in this tutorial. She shows how to adjust the size if necessary depending on who the headband is being made for – from doll size to adult. For a great holiday gift, use a thick knit fabric so that the headband can keep your loved ones warm during the chilly months of the year.

Find the project here: Sew a Designer Headband with a Decorative Knot

5. Coffee Cup Cozy


Coffee lovers are generally vocal about their need for caffeine. Fuel their mornings with a coffee themed gift! A mug and coffee beans would make for a great surprise, but make it meaningful by adding this homemade coffee cup cozy. This tutorial by Ashley Hough shows you how to make a cozy decorated with pintucks designed to fit a standard size coffee cup.

Find the project here: Create a Fun Coffee Cup Cozy Using Pintucks

6. Travel Sewing Kit


A handmade sewing kit makes a fantastic gift for fellow sewers. Ashley Hough shows you how to sew a fun travel sewing kit from small scraps of felt in this tutorial. This sewing kit is small enough to stash away in a purse for sewing emergencies. Ashley even shows you how to personalize it with easy applique and labeled pages.

Find the project here: Sew Your Own Travel Sewing Kit

7. Yoga Mat Handle


Send your friends to yoga class in style with a yoga mat carrying handle complete with a Velcro pocket. Stacy Grissom shows you how to make the handle using only a small amount of fabric, fusible fleece, and bias tape in this tutorial. This adorable handle can even replace the need for a purse when headed to the gym or yoga studio with its pocket for an ID and keys. It’s a gift perfect for the holidays, just in time for a New Year’s resolution to get fit and healthy.

Find the project here: Sew a Yoga Mat Handle with Bias Tape

8. T-shirt Pillow


T-shirt pillows are a fun way to display sentimental shirts. This tutorial by Tara Rex shows you how to stitch and stuff a pillow in just a few simple steps. This pillow can be given as a gift to remember events such as vacations, concerts, or family reunions. It’s a wonderful way to upcycle those nostalgic shirts you just can’t seem to part with!

Find the project here: Sew a Quick and Easy T-shirt Pillow

9. Sunglasses Case


Sunglasses and prescription glasses are easily damaged or misplaced. Stacy Grissom shows you a project to hold and protect glasses in this tutorial. The case doubles as a cute accessory capable of storing other small necessities like lip balm, lens cleaning cloth, change, and the like.

Find the project here: How to Sew a Sunglasses Case

10. Fleece Mittens


It’s time to bundle up! Fleece mittens make for a great cozy gift idea. Ashley Hough shows you how to make mittens in three different sizes using an easy to read downloadable pattern in this tutorial. Decorative stitches, buttons, and other embellishments can be used on the mittens to make this gift extra special.

Find the project here: How to Make Mittens Using Fleece

If you’re looking to go homemade this holiday season, then skip the busy department stores and sew your very own gifts using these quick and easy ideas. Make the holidays even more special by making personalized gifts your loved ones will treasure.

If you’re inspired by these tutorials, leave a comment or share your projects with us on Facebook!

Happy sewing!


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