15 Reasons to Buy More Fabric

Reasons to buy more fabric

“I’ve got plenty of fabric. I don’t think I need any more,” said no crafter ever!

Not that we think you need an excuse to go out and buy more fabric, but just in case you need some backup, here are 15 reasons you should bring home the entire bolt of that gorgeous material!

A special thanks to all of our Facebook friends for providing their insight!

Sewing infographic

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75 Responses to “15 Reasons to Buy More Fabric”

  1. Gloria Hual

    It makes me happy

  2. Carla

    So your when you die your children can use it for your shroud. My daughter told me this one.

  3. Gwen Walker

    Just because!! Do I really need a reason?

  4. Donna

    Because I want it, and I deserve it!

  5. Roberta

    Because I might run into hard times.

  6. Vivian

    Just want to

  7. Sally

    Because there's always another plastic tub waiting to be filled!! <3

  8. Barb

    Because there’s so many projects & patterns that keep appearing like magic on websites like this one! Buying & sewing really gives me purpose!

  9. Arlene whelan

    I love buying fabric

  10. DJ

    Buying fabric is an investment! When was the last time that you saw the price of fabric go down?