15 Reasons to Buy More Fabric

Reasons to buy more fabric

“I’ve got plenty of fabric. I don’t think I need any more,” said no crafter ever!

Not that we think you need an excuse to go out and buy more fabric, but just in case you need some backup, here are 15 reasons you should bring home the entire bolt of that gorgeous material!

A special thanks to all of our Facebook friends for providing their insight!

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93 Responses to “15 Reasons to Buy More Fabric”

  1. Carla

    So your when you die your children can use it for your shroud. My daughter told me this one.

  2. Barb

    Because there’s so many projects & patterns that keep appearing like magic on websites like this one! Buying & sewing really gives me purpose!

  3. DJ

    Buying fabric is an investment! When was the last time that you saw the price of fabric go down?

  4. Carole Anderson

    Because it’s an art supply. A painter doesn’t buy just enough of just the colors she’ll need for one project only.

  5. Samantha Rouse

    I’m unable to use what I have, as it’s curing until it’s just right. So, I must dash out and get some more.

  6. Beverly Hanner

    Because I love to make clothes and stuffed toys for children in need for free.

  7. Robyn Williams

    Some people love Bunnings but I love MATERIAL shops.I can always use more pretty home made dresses.

  8. Waynette Shafer

    I would like to see a panel with these reasons on it to make a quilt for a sewer.

  9. Pauline B Burch

    Because it gives me a moment of happiness until I get home and all the shelves and cabinets in my craft room are full of fabric and I have no space to put the new.

  10. Sheryl

    I need more fabrics to go with all those patterns I’ve bought but never used. Kept waiting to lose weight before I made them.

  11. Sheryl

    Because I love to keep fabric on hand, I create different things in addition to clothing. My stash is getting low.

  12. Alyce Downer

    Just because. Gotta have it, got a coupon, it’s on sale, it’s pretty, it’s nice, oh – just because

  13. Joyce Adkison

    Love all the tips! I have not seen

    Love all the Tips. I have not sewed in a few years but I am back into it!I have a Baby Lock sewing machine and BL serger. I love them both. Have made quilts for our four grown children!

  14. Shirley

    I’m spending my kids inheritance. They can sell it when I’m gone. I can’t take it with me; can I?!

  15. SHARON

    I thought when I gave up driving I’d have to quit buying fabric. Then I found out there’s way more fabric online.

  16. AnnieSky

    Because I live in New Hampshire and it insulated the walls I put my stash against.

  17. Tari

    I just bought about 30 yards of material I don’t know what I’ Going to make with most but I do have plans for about 1/3 of it I will think of some pattern to use up the rest

  18. Karen Heitzman

    I know that fabric may look trendy now, but by the time I get to it it will be retro.

  19. Leah Ann Johnson

    My Walmart fabric department was closed out because some ignorant CEO from the east coast decided that no one was a seamstress in the midwest so he had all the stores pull their fabric deats.. what a mistake.. I bought amy yards of fabric for quilts I was some of it I got at give away prices.. about 3 yrs ago they put back in a smaller section but they got some of it back.. was I happy… I still have yards of fabric stored in a closet… this and one other small store carry some fabric.. it helps those of us who cant drive to the nearest JoAnna;s ….

    • Michelle Beckenstein

      Hi. Just a friendly suggestion. Have you tried buying online and having it delivered via UPS etc.? Try pineapple fabrics.com or Marshalls dry goods I get awesome deals all the time from these places!

  20. MissBirda

    So when I die my DIL’s can fight for who gets what and so my son’s can have more to complain about their ko.!!

  21. Pat Bigbie

    My favorite excuse…”But dear, you have bought a lot of guns and you don’t use them everyday either” lol

    • CW

      Well, I bought a lot of guns and I DO use those every day :D no point in having it if I don’t carry it! But also, buy all of the fabric!!

  22. Janet F.

    There are those who collect clocks, tin soldiers, anything….at least MY collection has the prospect of being useful.

  23. Angelia

    I know it is really rare but…..Because My Husband Told Me To!!!! (Ok, so, what he said was go by yourself something nice to wear)…..well, it will be eventually!!

    • JOY

      They can only make so many of a design.
      Prices of fabric only do up; so I will save a lot in the end.
      I live far away and the cost of gas and maybe tolls make it cheaper to buy now instead of more trips to the shop. AND SAVE ME THE TIME/a day to go buy more.
      As my husband says jokingly “It will keep me out of the bars1”. I must use it if I buy it -RIGHT!!!

  24. BETTY

    Because you can always use the fabric to make skirts, and summer halter dresses for poor children in other country that is what I do.

  25. Deanna

    Isn’t picking out the fabric half the fun. It is an art. Therefore, buying fabric is a hobby. Who cares if it never serves another purpose.

    • Marie

      Going to the Fabric store brings me pure joy! All the staff are friendly and eager to see what I’ve made, meeting others who love sewing and fabric is another joy and bringing home beautiful colors and textures to create with is the ultimate estasy!

  26. Jennie

    Because I might have a slight hoarding problem, if I buy only these 5 pieces of fabric it’ll show that I’m not a hoarder because I didn’t buy out the store. I’ll wait until later to do that.

  27. robin

    I’m saving for the future. I’ll be able to keep warm and clothe my entire family (including the men and grandchildren) in case of another depression or the kids can sell it at an estate sale and watch the catfights !

  28. Vicki

    For my granddaughters, why buy store brought clothes, when I can make it better.
    For my granddaughters, I love to shop with them when pick out fabrics and patterns.
    For my granddaughters, when trying on the clothes for a fitting, to see their eyes light up and the smile on their faces.
    For my granddaughters, to hear them say my Nana make it.
    For ME, I stand proud and happy that my granddaughter at the ages 5 and 3 think I am SuperNana. (This SuperNana has 6 or is that 7 no 9 outfits in the wing to be sewed. Does anyone know where my coupons to Joann, Hancock and Hobby Lobby are? I forgot where I put them.) need more fabric!!!!

    • OrahLee Hoose

      Lucky you, you have a Hancock store. I could ALWAYS find something good there No longer in Tucson. Cry, Cry,Whimper.