Sewing Makes Me Feel…

We all have unique experiences when we’re sewing and we often find ourselves feeling certain emotions as we work. Each day is different and we sew for many different reasons, but most of us can agree that sewing brings out the best in us and makes us feel amazing! We asked our team of instructors… Read more »

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When Did You First Start Sewing?

Sewing is such an important part of our lives and most of us have been doing it for many years. There’s nothing better than thinking back to the beginning, when we learned the ins and outs of our favorite craft. These moments are special to many of us because through sewing we developed special relationships… Read more »

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What Our Members Are Working On

We love hearing about what our members are working on in their sewing rooms. When we asked on Facebook to share a photo of your most recent sewing project, we got a bunch of great responses! Here are some of our favorites. What’s keeping you busy in the sewing room this week? Leave a comment… Read more »


6 Sewing Machines from Your Childhood

Do you remember the first machine you started sewing on? We asked our Facebook fans to share stories about their first time sewing, and their first sewing machine. Did you start on any of these machines? “Managed to break my mum’s 25-year-old Brother machine when I was 11 – I was “playing” with it. Put… Read more »


Meet a Member: Kate’s Story

Editor’s Note: With so many talented and vibrant members of the National Sewing Circle community, we thought it was high time to turn the tables and let you do the talking! In this new feature, you can share your sewing story and project photos with your fellow members. Read on! My name is Kate McFarren… Read more »

Caption: From left to right: Jessica Giardino, Lindsay Briggs, Ashley Hough, Chad Hough, Jeff Williams, and Brett Arnzen. © Carrie Lynn Photography

My Sewing Story: I Sewed for My Entire Bridal Party

In this article, National Sewing Circle instructor Ashley Hough (formerly Ashley Briggs) shares a personal story of a sewing project very near and dear to her heart. Photos by Carrie Schneider of Carrie Lynn Photography. Learning how to sew has many advantages. Not only can you easily repair or alter existing clothing rather than replacing,… Read more »

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15 Reasons to Buy More Fabric

In case you need any motivation to go out and buy more fabric for your next sewing project (though we highly doubt you do!), here are 15 reasons to help support your case! What would you add to the list? Let us know in the comments or share on Facebook! 1. Because who needs a… Read more »