8 Easy Sewing Projects for Beginners

Easy sewing projects Are you new to sewing or just looking for some simple sewing projects? We’ve compiled a list of our favorite free and easy beginner sewing projects! These projects are great to make and give as gifts, or even just to keep for yourself. You’ll learn different tips and techniques with each project to help you become a better sewer. Learn how to sew with different fabrics, incorporate a zipper, and maybe even repurpose some materials you may have laying around the house.

How to Make Orange Slice Felt Coasters

Beginner Sewing Projects: How to Make Orange Slice Felt Coasters Felt is an easy fabric to sew with and cheap to purchase. This is one of the best beginner sewing projects because all you need is felt, a sewing machine, and something to trace a template with. These coasters are also versatile, as you can turn them into lemons, limes, and grapefruits with different colors. You could even sew small seeds into them and make a watermelon!
Get the full project here: How to Make Orange Slice Felt Coasters

How to Sew a Makeup Bag

Beginner Sewing Projects: Sew a Makeup Bag This project is made out of laminated cotton, which makes it easily washable and a great choice for keeping your makeup brushes clean. Laminated cottons come in tons of fun designs, so you can be sure to customize your bag many different ways. You won’t need a ton of fabric to make this project, and it will come together quickly.
Get the full project here: How to Sew a Makeup Bag

How to Make a Terry Cloth Bath Mat

Terrycloth in a circle Our bath mat design is very geometric, but you could use a simpler design if desired. This simple sewing project requires three fabrics: gripper (preferably by the yard), terry cloth for the outer fabric, and an interlining microfiber soaker fabric. Watch how quickly this project comes together to make a cute new addition to your bathroom.
Get the full project here: How to Make a Terry Cloth Bath Mat

How to Sew a Headband

Cloth headband The best part about this easy sewing project is that you can make one quickly with a fat quarter. Buying the fabric pre-measured like this is super convenient, and makes the creation even easier—you don’t even need elastic! But be warned, once you make one, you won’t want to stop.
Get the full project here: How to Sew a Headband

DIY Tutu

Purple tulle tutu Whether you need to make a tutu for Halloween or just dress up, this fun DIY accessory is easy to pull together. It’s actually even a “no sew” project! All you need is some ribbon, some tulle, and a measuring tape.
Get the full project here: How to Make a Tutu

Stitch a Quick and Easy Coin Purse Using Fabric Scraps

Quick and easy coin purse This is a great project to learn how to sew your first zipper on. It’s also a great opportunity to use up any fabric scraps you might have lying around, as you can create one in any shape or size. You can make several of these easy sewing projects in one afternoon.
Get the full project here: Quick and Easy Coin Purse Using Fabric Scraps

Sew a Quick and Easy T-Shirt Pillow

USA t-shirt T-shirts are one of those items you just collect in large quantities over time. Instead of throwing them out, why not upcycle them into something new? Stitch and stuff this quick project in just a few simple steps.
Get the full project here: Sew a Quick and Easy T-Shirt Pillow

Learn How to Sew Lined Curtains

Measuring shower curtain rings Making your own curtains may sound intimidating, but you could accomplish this simple sewing project in one afternoon or evening. The grommets are also very easy to install as you just clip them in! In no time, you’ll have custom and trendy drapery ready to hang.
Get the full project here: Learn How to Sew Lined Curtains

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15 Responses to “8 Easy Sewing Projects for Beginners”

  1. Betty

    I want to learn how have to sew with your projects.

  2. Karen

    Loved a few of these projects. I haven't sewn for years, but purchased a new machine about 2 years ago and have only done a few projects. Thought I was an intermediate sewer, but it looks more like a beginner now. Looking forward to getting back into the groove.

  3. Christina

    Nice intro to sewing

  4. Brooks Midyette

    Learn.all I can

  5. Marita Borowski

    Nice, easy ideas!

  6. Cheryl Farthing

    Several projects are of interest to me. Headband, tutu, coasters, makeup bag (could use pattern for knitting needle bag), bath mat.

  7. Gwen Lane

    I bought a new machine but I’m self taught. I would love to learn to sew better and learn how to use all my sewing attachments.

  8. countrygirl44

    I need a video of making easy corners for a baby blanket. I seen a article you did on one but videos are do much easier for me.

  9. Carol

    Enjoy the easy small projects you post!

  10. Alice

    I’m new to sewing.