How to Fix a Warped Cutting Mat

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Help! My cutting mat is buckled up and warped on one side now when it got accidentally too close to some heat. I paid $50 for this mat. I laid some heavy old machines on it for days to see if it would force the mat to return to its original flat surface, but no go. What should I do? Submitted by Anna  
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Oh no! Not what you want to have happen to your expensive cutting mats! But I think there is a solution here—this might seem counter-intuitive, but one way to get a mat to lay flat again is to add back a little heat. This will soften it down and then you can try setting something heavy on it to get it to retain its flat surface. I’m not sure where you live, but if you are in a sunny area, you can lay the mat out on a porch or deck to warm for an afternoon and then stack something heavy on it to get it to lay flat again. Good luck! Ashley Related links: All About Cutting Mats How to Care for Cutting Mats (links to our sister site, National Quilters Circle)
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27 Responses to “How to Fix a Warped Cutting Mat”

  1. Dorothy

    Need sewing tips

  2. Christina Bennett

    This is the information that I needed. Thank you. Chrissy Bennett

  3. Deborah Bullock

    In regards to warped cutting mat, try heating using a hair dryer to soften then place something heavy on it very quickly. (May want to have an assistant so you can move quicker)

  4. Sherry

    Reply about rescuing a warped cutting mat. Heat is the way to go. I have a friend who had a frame shop and she had a large mounting press that she used for posters and other related items. She used a lower heat, but put the mat in it and closed the lid (causing some pressure) and let it heat for awhile. When she opened the lid it was perfectly smooth and flat.

  5. Donna Tuttle

    I have a cutting mat that has a crack in it. Is there anything I can do to fix it or help it? Thanks

  6. Judith Cranford

    Want to try flattening my cutting boards....?thanks for suggestions..Judy

  7. Sew Private

    Use your hair dryer to soften it up, roll it back into shape and lay some books on it.

  8. Emma

    I've found that on a warm day, if I put the warped mat in the closed trunk of my car (sitting out in the sun) with a flat plywood board under the mat for a couple of hours, it heats up just enough to flatten the mat. I just take it out of the trunk carefully and lay it on my cool living room hardwood floor to get it to return to being solid.

  9. Vicky

    I warped my rotary mat in a hot sun room. No matter how much weight and sun heat I applied it didn’t work. So as a last resort placed the mat on a flat surface in the oven heated the oven to 200F. Turned oven off immediately and left it there until cooled. Had to do this twice. As good as new. Measurements even remained true.

  10. Maureen

    Following the advice of others, I placed my Fiskars mat on the car hood in 80 degree afternoon, and it fixed my badly warped cutting mat. Thank you the tip!