Help! My Jacket Keeps Riding Up

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A friend of mine has a sheer chiffon jacket that is such a lightweight fabric, the back always rides up. I think it needs to be weighted down in the back. Can you suggest what I can use so that it won’t show up on the outside?

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This is a great question. Weighing down the back of the jacket may be difficult with a sheer fabric. There are such things as “hem weights” that can be inserted into a hem, however the hem would need to be large enough for the weight to fit in (a chiffon fabric generally has a very narrow hem) and you might be able to see it through the fabric. Have you considered adding some kind of heavier edging to the jacket that might weigh it down a bit? Or even make an edging that you could hide hem weights in?

Another option to try and keep the back of the jacket down while wearing it would be to stiffen it. It would depend on what the chiffon was made from, but a polyester chiffon can take well to starch. This would only be a temporary fix and would need to be done after every washing and/or before every time it was worn, but it could work.

Good luck!


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9 Responses to “Help! My Jacket Keeps Riding Up”

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  4. Mary Ann Meyer

    The "riding up" problem might be solved by rubbing a fabric softener sheet either on the inside of the jacket or on the outside of whatever is being worn under it. This method definitely solves the problem with skirts clinging to pantyhose in the winter (static electricity), and I think it would work just as well with a jacket. Of course, this has to be done each time an article is worn.

  5. Kay Cook

    The jacket may be riding up because your body wants more fabric than is available at the upper back. If you cut a muslin with just front and back from this pattern, put it on, and then make a slash across the back at the high back. This will open what we call a "fisheye" dart. Take the dart to nothing at the armscye. Recut another muslin and see if the "rideup" has improved.

  6. Jane Hendon

    If your friend enjoys hand needlework, she could sew beads (glass, silver, seed, bugle, crystal, etc) along the hemline, either in a line or in a decorative pattern. Beads are surprisingly heavy, and are beautiful on a sheer fabric.

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