Project 4 Zippered Pouch

Zipper pouch

We’re moving right along with our Oh Sew Fun Sewing Challenge, and we’re on to project #4! Now that our canvas tote bags from last week all finished, it’s time to fill them up! This week’s zippered pouch project can be a little addicting and you’ll probably end up making more than one.

Deer fabric zipper pouch

I chose this project for several reasons. One, I like having little pouches inside a bigger bag, especially if I am using the bag for traveling. The second reason is because it has a zippered closure. Not only do I like that feature on a small pouch, but I think sewing zippers is an important sewing skill to have.

Even if you have been sewing for a while, zippers can be tricky. This tutorial is great for showing you how to insert a zipper from start to finish including how to measure for the zipper, how to add zipper tabs for a more professional finish, and how to attach the zipper to both the outer and lining fabrics. (For more helpful zipper tricks, check out this blog post: 6 Tricks for Sewing Zippers.)

Antler fabric zippered pouch

Just because the zipper is the main skill I want people to focus on for this week’s challenge project, it doesn’t mean we can’t still customize our pouches. For mine I found three fabrics that I liked together and rather than just cutting out one large rectangle for the front and back of the bag I pieced mine together. I initially did this for the small size and then decided to try the same technique in a larger size. (I told you they would be addicting!) You can do the same thing in any size you want to make your pouch and with any number of fabrics. If using this technique I would recommend either keeping the width of the bag the same or choosing a width based off of a standard size zipper. It is explained in the tutorial how to determine the width of rectangle needed for the length of zipper chosen.

As always, once you’ve finished your tote (or totes!) for this week, make sure to share a photo with us in the Facebook group. I can’t wait to see them!

– Ashley

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  1. Patricia Tyler

    Please resend emails on project #4 and #5 computer had an issue but now fixed TIA

  2. Mary

    I am unable to get the actual pattern and how to for this bag. Is it because I held it and didn’t access it immediately due to time constraints. How can I get that information?

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    I can see the written directions but not the pictures. Anybody else having this problem or no how to fix it to where I can see the pictures?

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    are they written instructions to our sew challenge ? The video that the sew challenge take me to, is not the same video Ashley is in, is this correct??

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      There are not written instructions for each sewing challenge. And yes this is correct, the actual video tutorial for this week’s challenge is done by Aurora- the video I am in is just a quick overview of the project.

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  5. Dana Kranz

    I have not done any of the 9 projects due to health reasons. Ready to start but want to at least do the Tote (#3) before the Zipper Pouch (#4). I just can’t figure out how to get to the Video tutorials of the other projects. I do not receive the emails – am not a premium (paying) member.

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  6. Rebekah

    I am loving this series. Due to situations right now I am going to be very late in getting my challenges done, but I will do them. I am interested to know where you ladies are finding the deer printed fabric. I have been searching all over and can not seem to locate any. Am particularly interested in the navy blue with the white or gray deer heads. I am getting so inspired by all the creations from the different seamstresses. Thank you for this.