Project 8 Patchwork Table Runner

Patchwork table runner

This week’s project of the Oh Sew Fun Sewing Challenge will be a great opportunity to use up any larger scraps you may have from the previous weeks’ projects, or you could customize your color choices to match your home décor. For week 8 we will be making a patchwork table runner!

Patchwork is a really fun method to utilize when wanting to use up small scraps of fabric, and in this week’s project you will learn the technique as well as how to make a table runner. Once you learn the technique and see how to measure for the proper table runner size, the possibilities are endless.

Patchwork table runner laid across a table

As I mentioned in a previous week, I tend to prefer neutral colors. I also really prefer when things match. These qualities make patchwork difficult for me! If you are anything like me, don’t shy away from this project. Step outside your comfort zone and see what you can create. While I didn’t use up all of my scraps from previous projects on this one, I did throw in quite a few colors and prints that I wouldn’t normally use. The end result turned out pretty good and I have to admit that I like it!

Closeup of patchwork table runner

As always, once you’ve finished your project for this week, make sure to share a photo with us in the Facebook group! I love seeing all your wonderful projects each week!

– Ashley

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  1. Brenda Meyer

    Am I understanding this correctly? When I try to get the project it takes me to a video that I have to pay to watch. Is this correct?