Project 9 Fabric Greeting Cards

Fabric embellished cards

Well, we did it! We made it to our final week and final project of the Oh Sew Fun Sewing Challenge! For project #9 we are wrapping things up with a fun and creative project that’s perfect for using up all those little bits and scraps we’ve created throughout these nine weeks – fabric embellished greeting cards!

HINT: Just because we’re in our last project of the sewing challenge doesn’t mean the fun stops here. Make sure to stick around next week for a bonus surprise!

And since we are in the last week of our sewing challenge, I’m sure by now you have at least one dull needle. Dull needles may not work well on fabric but they are perfect for paper! The base of our cards will be paper but we’ll have some fun with fabric embellishments on top. Much like the zippered pouch – I couldn’t stop at just one!

Two fabric embellished cards

The tutorial shows you how to plan out your card, whether you are going to make it as a standalone rectangle or a folded card, and it shows you the best method for attaching your fabric. Once you have the basics for this one down you can start making cards for every occasion!

In the tutorial the cards were made using a fairly heavy cardstock. I didn’t have cardstock on hand when making mine, but I did have a whole stack of lighter weight scrapbook paper. This paper allowed me to have fun backgrounds and need less embellishing. Once I had my cards stitched I then got heavier paper to finish off the back and inside of my card, just like in the tutorial.

As always, once you’ve finished your greeting cards for this week, make sure to share a photo with us in the Facebook group! And like I mentioned, you’ll definitely want to stick around until next week for a little surprise – more details to come in the Facebook group next week!

– Ashley

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Fabric Embellished Greeting Cards


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