Sewing Makes Me Feel…

We all have unique experiences when we’re sewing and we often find ourselves feeling certain emotions as we work. Each day is different and we sew for many different reasons, but most of us can agree that sewing brings out the best in us and makes us feel amazing!

We asked our team of instructors to share some thoughts about how sewing impacts their lives and influences their emotions. What about you? Let us know how sewing makes you feel in the comments.

Sewing Makes Me Feel“One of the best things about knowing how to sew is the ability to be creative. Once you know the basics of how to sew pieces of fabric together the possibilities are endless! I love being able to make and design my own patterns as well as just being able to make up a project as I go. Knowing how to read a pattern is great, but being able to make something original based on an idea is one of the best ways to feel and be creative!

Whether you have just finished your first sewing project or your hundredth – there is no better feeling of accomplishment! My favorite feeling of accomplishment when it comes to sewing is when I have made a garment and I get a compliment from a stranger. Especially if it is something that I have never made before or maybe something I tried a new technique on. Knowing that others like or appreciate what I have made is a great sense of accomplishment.”

– Ashley Hough

“Whenever I sew I’m constantly remembering the lessons my grandmother gave me. It’s like she’s there with me passing on her knowledge. She’s laughing at my mistakes and helping me pin the fabric just right. Sewing brings about many different feelings for me; it stirs my creativity, it makes me feel capable, but most of all it reminds me of my grandmother. This is why it’s one of my favorite hobbies.”

– Jessica Giardino

“Each day begins at 5:30am, with a quick walk to wake up. Next it’s feeding the animals, packing the lunches, running for the train! I find myself fighting through the downtown crowd, speed walking in my hot pink running shoes, weaving my way through the mass of cubicles to my little desk. Now for a whole day of answering the phones, putting out fires, yacking on conference calls, and skipping lunch. Finally, it’s time to leave and I’m fighting the crowd back to the train to get home yet again. Afternoon chores, dinner made, laundry done. BIG BREATH. It’s time to sew! 

Once I have sat down at my sewing machine, the entire memory of the day (and the responsibilities of tomorrow) for some reason, never even cross my mind. There is something about making things with your own two hands that really makes you LIVE IN THE MOMENT. Not yesterday, not tomorrow, just RIGHT NOW. There is just the soft fabric under my fingers, the hum of the machine, and the rhythm of the needle. Without a thought in my head (aside from watching my seal allowance) I let the relaxation and healing begin!”

– Aurora Sisneros

How does sewing make you feel? Happy? Relaxed? Accomplished? Leave a comment below and share what you feel when you sit down at the machine!

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85 Responses to “Sewing Makes Me Feel…”

  1. MaryAnne Fitzgerald

    I’m just getting my creative sewing mojo back, but I remember making pants for my kids when they were little, and sewing curtains for their room. It made me feel creative and accomplished. I want to feel that again!

  2. Aliska

    Sewing makes me feel special and I always have something to do to keep me occupied Iam never bored

  3. Diane

    Sewing makes me feel complete. I am, I will and I shall accomplish all that is needed in life through sewing.

  4. Jim DiFazio

    I really enjoy sewing it puts me in another place. the feel of the fabric, as someone else said “the hum of the machine” the accomplishment that I can do it. my mother was an ace on the machine, she just sewed all day. I saw the peace in her face as she sewed. I always thank her when I finish my project because, she there with me and I feel that peace.

  5. Margaret Barnes

    When i am sewing i constantly think of my mother and the focus she kept while being able to raise 8 children. I receive instant gratification when i have finished a project.

  6. Libby Thompson

    I love creating and sewing is wonderful. Everything I do, I seem to do in a hurry but sitting down to make something on my machine makes me slow down and stay focused. Using patterns, cutting with tools I have never used before and adding my own touches is very rewarding. At the present time I make clothes for my four year old granddaughter and she loves it. She sits with me and wants to sew patterns that my machine will sew and I put her in my lap and together we try out all the different shapes and stitches. She is learning how to lift the presser foot, cut the thread automatically and where to place her hands when sewing. It is a most wonderful time for both of us.

  7. Susan Mazzanti

    I am petite and it’s hard for me to find cloths that fit in my area. I can make my own and they not only fit properly, they go with other items I already have. Therefore sewing makes me feel well dressed and confident.

  8. Dana Dement

    It’s like therapy, I am blessed to be doing what I love. I love to be creative, I like making an original anything for someone special.

  9. anna

    Sewing for me brings out creativity, growing up without money can limit people but I think people without the cash to toss out for what they want become the idea people in this world regardless of whether they use cloth, wood,or steel to achieve the engineering desired. In the last year , though I’m not a professional sewer & cant read patterns, I’ve had the pleasure of sharing some of what I’ve learned through the years . My volunteer work is bringing machines to my local community center & teaching people the basic life skill of sewing. I’ve done an adult group twice & at present for this November month I’m running a youth program for kids 12 to 18 . They’re doing patchwork bags, & the guys as well as the girls are asking what will we make next . Since there’s only 1 of me to go around & they’re not getting a whole lot of 1on1 time. I feel very honored that they are enjoying the process. I have a great appreciation for the patience &interest they are showing.

  10. Cheryl Jones

    Once you have learned to sew and use patterns, you are sure to get the Sewing Bug. I feel so fantastic once I finish a garment because I know there is not another one like the garment I have sewn. The fabric, the stitches, the styling, the perfect fit is all mine. After that the creativity, possibilities, and new projects will keep flowing in! It’s all a labor of love. Time passes so quickly when I am sewing, many times I hate to stop and can’t wait to get back to my sewing machine.

  11. Karen

    I feel accomplished. Working with new fabrics, combining others and practicing technics, especially if I am sewing a gift, is wonderful.

  12. Joyce

    Sewing makes me feel creative part of the time, thrifty part of the time, and satisfied most of the time.

  13. Jodie Wingert

    Amazed. I am always amazed with how much fun I have when I am at the machine.

  14. Lyn Marino

    After a hard day at work, this is the time to be ME. I sit at the machine to make a unique creation and put a DVD into the television to take me to another world all my own. When the DVD is completed, I stop sewing and look forward to another evening with another informative DVD to relax and also rejuvenate me as the person I truly am.

  15. Estelle

    Caring for a family of five boys and two girls can be quite challenging and stressful and I regularly make time to create “something” whether it be a garment or just mending the clothes they rip and I find I am a better “Mum” to them all. I had quite a strict sewing teacher who only accepted “perfection” but that is what has given me success in my garment making! Unpicking is not a crime – the finished garment will look perfect and you will feel and wear the success! There is nothing more satisfying than to receive a compliment on something you have “made”!

  16. Marie

    I have been sewing since high school and love it. During the last year and half I was my moms 24/7 caregiver. I was blessed to have my mom live with me. Sewing became my best friend and creative outlet on the hard days. I am greatful for a sewing room, pleasure, skills I have been blessed with. Sewing makes me feel peaceful, relaxed, and happy.

  17. Luanne

    Young. I started sewing at 10, and really focused on creativity and uniqueness in the 60’s and 70’s when I had no fear of wasting time on a project that wasn’t a work of art. Sewing now all these years later I try to grasp that same freedom from perfection and reach for my own satisfaction.