What Sewing Project Are You Most Proud Of?

We love seeing different projects from our sewing community! We asked our members on Facebook what sewing project you were most proud of so that we could showcase some of the great projects we’ve been seeing. Check out the photos and stories that were shared with us!

“The Cinderella live action ball gown has been the most difficult project so far which I am really proud of.”
-Nus I.

“The first big thing I made was when I was 12. My Aunt gave me a fitted black dress with a white collar that she had only worn once. It was the 60’s and black and white was very modern at the time. The night she wore it she was out for a meal and got sick of everyone thinking she was a waitress. I unpicked every seam, cut off the collar and sleeves and made a deep scoop at the front to turn it into a black pinafore. I also shortened it a lot more, sewed on a patch pocket and made two white heart motifs to go on the pocket. I thought my mum would be angry at me for cutting it up so I only sewed it at night when I went to bed. The whole thing was hand stitched with the tiniest stitches ever and it turned out great. My mum was so pleased when I eventually showed it to her that she bought me a white skinny rib polo neck and white knee high boots to go with it. I thought I was the bees’ knees.”
– Doreen D.

“This is the biggest quilt I’ve ever made. I got the rows in Alaska last summer and made it as a memento of our trip. The back side has Alaska themed fat quarters.”
-Lynn L.

“I completed my daughter’s first parka. She was a year old. The original calico was made for her Godmother, who is her namesake.”
-Stacey K.

“I made a full length winter coat from Forrest green wool, when I was 16, in 1970. It was fully lined with gold polyester and absolutely my warmest, favorite coat. Top stitched by hand.”
-Mary-Jo S.

“Before I had a Serger, I made a Halloween costume for my granddaughter. It had lots of organza “ribbons” which I made myself, doing rolled edges on all of them. It has a separate slip to go underneath it. I also made the flowers and a headband to match.”
-Patricia T.

“This Ana dress from Frozen was my greatest challenge and best result and my friend who I made it for loved it don’t you agree!”
-Anita W.

“My potholders and towel sets. I love when people order these and when they see them finally; I love the joyous look they have on their faces. That makes me happy.”
-Lora C.

“The thing I’ve made that I most pleased with is the bedspread I made. It was the first time I made doing patchwork and I did it all by hand. It took me about 5 months to do.”
-Anna H.

“I pick my little princess but I have a lot of favorites.”
-Elizabeth S.

“I made a three piece fully lined plaid wool suit for me. The plaids all match perfectly! I loved that suit!”
-Elaine K.

“My friend’s wedding dress. It was a three woman job. That hem, let me tell you, was a nightmare!!!”
-Dawn D.

“My Granddaughter’s Baby-blanket, it turn out Beautiful, just like her!!!”
-Rubi B.

“Made this for a friend. Really had to use my creativity to make it a queen size. One of my favorites.”
-Juanita M.

“I made my two granddaughter’s first communion dresses using fabric from their mother’s wedding dress”
-Barbara A.

“My wedding dress, I made it in secret in two days. Nerves of steel!!!”
-Suzy H.

“My daughter’s bridal gown.”
-Nancy F.

“My 1890s pattern skirt. I was so excited to wear it!”
-Karen J.

“My wedding dress.”
-Myra A.

“Been dancing in this outfit for almost 17 years.”
-Jan M.

“My Bunny Bag!”
-Marion A.

“The princess dress I made for my daughter.”
-Jennifer W.

What sewing project have you been most proud of? Let us know in the comments!

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4 Responses to “What Sewing Project Are You Most Proud Of?”

  1. d.j.k.dixon

    My 2nd baby babas' style quilt, an applique alphabet quilt for my great niece.

  2. Lotus

    A sweet I’ll est friends skirt for our dear friend Greta!

  3. Cynthia

    I made a small art quilt that won the President's Award at the 2016 Quiltfest in Jacksonville, Florida. What a blast that was when my friends and I saw that I had won an award.

  4. Mickey Green

    I made a total of 5 hand embroidered quilts for my 5 Grandchildren. Never quilted before.