What Our Members Are Working On

We love hearing about what our members are working on in their sewing rooms. When we asked on Facebook to share a photo of your most recent sewing project, we got a bunch of great responses! Here are some of our favorites.

What’s keeping you busy in the sewing room this week? Leave a comment and let us know!

Melissa Nieves“Reusable and washable grocery bags. Super sturdy too!”

– Melissa N.

Wilma Bland“I have been working on designs for and the piecing and quilting of several quilts for a family who lost everything in a house fire in December of 2014. This is a photo of quilt #2 in progress.”

– Wilma B.

Anita Hens“Between quilting, I like to work on hostess gifts and quick projects that let my quilt brain rest!”

– Anita H.

Amel Altieb“A gift for my sister for her birthday! It’s a mobile cover that she can wear any place she goes, so that her mobile will be in her hand and never get lost. Thank you National Sewing Circle for giving us the chance to post our projects. Your page is one of my favorites on Facebook!”

– Amel A.

Piedra Rodante“It started with socks for Barbie dresses… the desire was there and now it’s my passion! This is my first dress, I’m so proud of it – mistakes and all!”

– Piedra R.

Jenni Ramsey“My very first quilt. It has certainly been a learning experience!”

– Jenni R.

Elizabeth Sayles“A leather and lightweight wool plaid jacket with matching hat for one of my customers.”

– Elizabeth S.

Peggy Roy“I am making my great niece a quilt using the Exploding Blocks… such a fun project!”

– Peggy R.

Angie Carter“Little girls’ twirl skirts. So many ways, so easy, and little girls love them!”

– Angie C.

Marcia Garrison 2“A crazy baby quilt! I transferred the kids’ drawings to the fabric, then added some applique and hand embroidery.”

– Marcia G.

Vicky Hunt“Just finished this fabric teddy for my niece, it’s my first attempt!”

– Vicky H.

Socorro Carlos“An art quilt! :)”

– Socorro C.

Caroline Pennington“Funky fabric slippers to sell in my shop!”

– Caroline P.

Responses have been edited for length and clarity.

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5 Responses to “What Our Members Are Working On”

  1. Angelia Steele

    Love these things. You are all so creative. :)

  2. Betty Thompson

    I need ideas for changing a cover for a Parsons chair to one for a dining room chair with arms

  3. Carol

    How to make these

  4. Toni

    Marcia C., Your baby quilt is amazing with transferred children's drawings. We are expecting grandson #11 next month. His cousins would be delighted to have him cover with their pictures. Can you tell me the technique? Toni

  5. Sherry O.

    All of the sewing projects are very inspiring! Thank you!