Exceptional Tools & Sewing Insights DVD + FREE Hem Gauge


Item: R4031Q


Bundle: Exceptional Tools & Sewing Insights with FREE Hem Gauge

Exceptional Tools & Sewing Insights

In this DVD, learn how to utilize many different sewing tools that will not only make sewing easier but help your end result look cleaner and more professional. You will also learn how to make a common pattern alteration to better fit a pair of pants and see how to make a popular grommet top drapery in an afternoon. 51 minutes.

Chapter Topics:

  • Focus on Fashion: Pants Seat Adjustment
  • Spotlight Project: Lined Panel Draperies
  • Cool Tools: Marking and Pressing Tools
  • Sewing Hem Gauge ($3.50 Value)

    Includes a sliding marker can be moved and will stay in place for repeated marking. Use to measure and mark hems, mark seam allowances and hems on pattern alterations and designs, mark buttonhole spacing and length, determine buttonhole length (by measuring diameter plus thickness of button); evenly space tucks and pleats; or to draw scallops and circles.