ZJ Humbach

Sewing an Adjustable Crib Skirt

ZJ Humbach
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Duration:   17  mins

Whether you are expecting a little one and are sewing projects for a nursery or you are looking for projects to sew for babies for a fun baby shower gift, an adjustable crib skirt could be perfect. With this project you will be able to continue using the skirt as you lower or adjust the mattress.

Adjustable Crib Skirt

While this tutorial is done using one specific size of panel for the adjustable crib skirt, cribs vary, so it is important that you measure yours before beginning. ZJ Humbach offers additional tips, measurements and information along with the video tutorial to do so:

The crib skirt is in panels. Based on how you crib is situated in the room; determines how many panels you will need.

To determine fabric requirements, add:

  1. Height of crib from floor to bottom of mattress
  2. Top tuck: 3″
  3. Header: 2″
  4. Hem: 4″


18″ + 3″ + 2″ + 4″ = 27″

This is one drop or length of fabric.

Front of crib: Measure between the legs.

Side hems for front: 4″


52″ + 4″ = 56″

Sides of crib: Measure between the legs.

Side hems for sides: 4″


25″ + 4″ = 29″

If your crib is no larger than these examples, you can use one drop of 54″ wide decorator fabric for the front and one drop for two sides. Allow only 2″ for the side hems or sew on additional fabric to turn under.

If both the front and back of the crib will show, you will have to make 2 panels, so now you will need an additional drop.


One front and two sides using 54″ decorator fabric

2 drops @ 27″ = 2 x 27″ = 54″ fabric

Buy 1 & 5/8 yards PLUS additional for matching repeat around the crib.

Once you have accurately measured your crib and have determined the size of panels needed to properly fit, ZJ shows how to hem the sides and lower edges of the panels and add the ribbons used to tie the panels to the bed. She also explains how to attach the panels and make them into an adjustable crib skirt as you lower the mattress on the crib and the panel size dimensions need to change. For additional sewing project for babies, learn how to sew crib sheets.

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