How to Sew Crib Sheets

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When it comes to preparing a nursery there are many things that that can be handmade. While taking the time to stitch your own accessories for a nursery can help make it feel more like home for the new one, it can also save you money. Stacy Grissom shows you how you can easily stitch up custom crib sheets using just a couple yards of fabric and some elastic. She begins by explaining an easy way to measure and mark your fabric, then begins stitching, showing how to make clean crisp corners. Stacy then shows how to insert fold-over elastic, a great product that finishes the edges as you sew!

While stitching a crib sheet is the most cost effective because of its size, these same directions can be used to make larger sheets as well. If you decide to tackle a larger sheet, such as a king size, don’t feel like you have to insert elastic around the entire perimeter of the sheet. Since it is much larger, inserting it in just the corners will be enough.

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