Automatic Needle Threader

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Duration:   3  mins

Learn how to use the automatic needle threader on your sewing machine to make threading your sewing needle a breeze. Nicki LaFoille shows you how!

The automatic needle threader is a feature many sewing machines have, though the lever may be in a slightly different place. Check your machine manual for instructions specific to your machine model.

To use the automatic needle threader, ensure the needle is in the center position, and use the hand wheel to make sure the needle is in its highest position. Thread the top thread through the thread path, up to the last point before threading it through the needle. Hold the thread end with your right hand and with your left, pull down on the automatic needle threader lever.

The automatic needle threader mechanism will lower to the midpoint and stop. Loop the thread over the metal finger as Nicki demonstrates. Push the automatic needle threader mechanism down the rest of the way. The mechanism will swing in toward the needle, and a small metal wire will insert through the needle eye. Nicki demonstrates how to hook the thread on this wire. Then, release the automatic needle threader mechanism. As it retreats to its original position, the wire will pull the thread through the needle in a small loop. Pull the thread fully through the needle and you’re ready to sew!

Nicki discusses the limitations of this mechanism if using thicker thread or a smaller needle, but in most cases, the automatic needle threader makes threading the needle quick and easy.

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