Brenda K.B. Anderson

Create a Customized Rag Doll: Stitch, Customize, and Cuddle

Brenda K.B. Anderson
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Duration:   1  hrs 29  mins

Stitch a customized rag doll that is cute and huggable. This soft doll has an easy embroidered smile and eyes. Use scraps to stitch her clothes, and customize her look however you like. Brenda K.B. Anderson shows you how!

Download the doll pattern, which includes all the pieces you will need to stitch this rag doll.

Choosing and Working with Fabrics for the Doll’s Hair

Brenda discusses fabric choices for the doll’s hair. Fleece is a good option, as is sherpa, which is soft and fuzzy like hair but can also be tricky to sew. Brenda gives tips for preparing sherpa to cut down on the slipperiness of it and tips for cutting sherpa to decrease the amount of fuzz that gets released.

Creating and Assembling the Doll’s Limbs

Brenda takes you through the process step by step to create and stuff the doll’s legs and arms for best results. Details, such as zigzag stitching the part in your doll’s hair, add life and personality to the doll. Brenda demonstrates how to embellish the doll’s dress with an applique heart. Then, you will learn how to construct the doll’s body by attaching the arms and legs to her dress.

Pigtail Bun Hairstyle

This doll has a cute pigtail bun hairstyle. The buns are constructed using two pattern pieces to give them volume and shape. Once the hair is stitched, Brenda demonstrates how to attach the ears and head to the doll’s body. Finally, using an easy chain stitch, you will learn how to stuff the doll and use embroidery floss to add the doll’s eyes and smile.

Check out Alternate Doll Hair Options, including braids and shaped pigtails, to change up your doll’s hairstyle.

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