Nicki LaFoille

Hand Couching

Nicki LaFoille
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Duration:   5  mins

Couching by hand is a unique fabric embellishment option. Hand couching makes it easy to attach larger yarns, cords, braided fabric and more to the face of a fabric. Nicki LaFoille shows you how.

Nicki discusses options for both the couched material and the couching thread (the thread used to tack down the couched material). If the couched material is small enough, you may be able to push the raw end through to the wrong side of the fabric. If using thicker material, such as cording, which will not be able to go through to the wrong side of the fabric, the raw end will remain on the fabric right side. Nicki demonstrates how to use a double sided needle threader to thread thick yarns through a tapestry needle and thread to the fabric wrong side, creating a clean finish.

Nicki demonstrates how easy it is to create monograms and typography designs by tracing your design onto fabric and using an embroidery hoop and some thread to stitch over the design. By using a tacking stitch, you can tack down your couched material using your couching thread and easily create a bold, customized design using unique materials.

Learn how to create couching effects using your sewing machine in the video Techniques for Couching.

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