Kat McTee

Hand-Embroidering Letters & Numbers

Kat McTee
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Duration:   6  mins

Get tips and tricks from Kat McTee on how to hand-embroider letters and how to hand-couch using embroidery floss and yarn. This technique can be used to hand-embroider letters, hand-embroider words, and even hand-embroider numbers. Kat McTee shows you how.


The size and style of font you choose for your script make a big difference. Kat goes over the best monogram font types and fancy-looking scripts to achieve your desired effect without being too complex.

Avoid small text since there will not be ample room for your threads. Kat also advises against script fonts that have a lot of wispy tails. Instead, Kat shows different font styles, from romantic to modern.

You can use your own handwriting, or the writing of a loved one, to immortalize in hand-embroidery. You can make the letters thicker or spaced further apart when tracing the script onto fabric.


Couching threads is a unique way to embroider initials, script, handwriting, or a monogram. It allows you to use fibers that are typically too heavy or difficult to embroider with, such as thick yarn, string, or cording.

Hand-couching involves two threads: the couching thread (in this case, embroidery floss, though you can also use all-purpose thread) and the couched thread (the thicker thread, such as yarn, cord, or even twisted fabric strips).

Lay the couched thread on the fabric surface over your text line. Use the couching thread to stitch back and forth over the couched thread, tacking it into place. Continue along the length of the design line.

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