Aurora Sisneros

How to Prevent Sewing Thread Breakage

Aurora Sisneros
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Duration:   1  mins

Aurora Sisneros provides helpful tips and techniques for preventing sewing thread breakage. Find out how to put moisture into your older thread by just a few household items. See how simple it is to strengthen your thread!

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7 Responses to “How to Prevent Sewing Thread Breakage”

  1. Judith Willett

    Never knew this and will be trying this. However, when the rejuvenated thread is used on a project, will it not "dry out" again and break?

  2. lesley

    thank you for the tip my thread has been breaking and I put it off to being cheap thread, but hey now I know what to do. I also store my threads on plastic containers out of sunlight and the containers are see through

  3. Patricia H

    Neat trick, wish I'd know it sooner.

  4. Laurie

    I was so hopeful this would work, which it did, for some of the spools, some I put in for a second time. Some spools were repaired after the 2nd time. The others I tossed. So It works for some anyway. Now I need to go through the hundreds left. ( o :

  5. Becca J

    nice tip but how do you prevent mildew afterwards?


    Thanks for the great idea! Do you leave your thread in the bag? or put it back into the storage & is there any problem with them going moldy? Rayon threads can be one of the hardest threads to use because of their perpensity to break and I think this may work to improve their performance - they look so cool... HUGS

  7. Lynne Sheldon

    What a neat idea! I have never heard this before. I am so glad that I have not thrown away some spools of thread I inherited from my Mom. Thank you!

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