Aurora Sisneros

How to Make Pajama Pants

Aurora Sisneros
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Duration:   23  mins

There’s nothing better than relaxing on a couch in a comfy pair of pajama pants. In this tutorial, Aurora Sisneros shows you how to make pajama pants with an elastic waistband and cute contrasting cuffs.

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Pattern Pieces

Learning how to make pajama pants is fairly simply in that there are only two main pattern pieces required. Aurora explains that there is a front and back pattern piece needed and that you will need to cut two of each. She explains that even though the pattern pieces look similar, they are slightly different in size, so it is important to mark and keep track of which pieces are the front and which are the back. Click here to download the pajama pants pattern and refer to the related article for more information on sizing and printing.


Aurora then demonstrates how to make pajama pants by stitching the front and back leg pieces together. She explains what seam allowance she uses as well as gives several suggestions for how to finish the seam once it has been stitched. After the front and back of the legs have been stitched, the two legs can be stitched together. Aurora demonstrates how to insert one leg into the other to ensure you are stitching the legs with right sides together.

The basic shape of the pajama pants is now complete, and it’s time to see how to add elastic and fun decorative cuffs. Aurora explains how to stitch a casing for inserting the elastic into the waistband as well as explains what size to make it according to what size of elastic you are using. After the casing is stitched, Aurora shows how to insert the elastic, secure the ends, and finish off the waistband seam.

The final part of this project is to add contrasting cuffs to the bottom of each leg. Much like when learning to sew other articles of clothing, adding something contrasting or decorative can really complete a project. Aurora shows how to attach the cuff, turn it under, and finish the seam so the cuff looks good on both the outside and inside.

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