Nicki LaFoille

Pattern-Marking Methods

Nicki LaFoille
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Duration:   8  mins

There are many different ways to mark your fabric or transfer markings from a pattern to the fabric you are working with. The method you use may differ depending on the type of fabric you are using. Nicki LaFoille teaches you about some of the various pattern-marking methods and shows how to choose the best one.

Pattern Marking

Tracing Paper

Nicki begins by talking about one of the more commonly used methods for transferring pattern markings to fabric, especially when making garments, which is a tracing paper. Tracing paper is a paper that has a “chalk” on one side that is meant to transfer to the fabric. The chalk comes in a variety of different colors, from blue to red to white, so that no matter what color of fabric you are using, you will be able to choose a chalk color that you can see. Nicki then demonstrates how to use the tracing paper in conjunction with a tracing wheel to mark a long line, like a dart, on a piece of fabric. She also explains how the tracing paper and tracing wheel can be used to mark two pieces of fabric at the same time.

Tailor’s Tack

Nicki then moves on to another common pattern-marking method for marking small dots or notches on a pattern, which is a tailor’s tack.

Pencil & Pen Marking Tools

Once she demonstrates how to use this marking method, she moves on to talk about different marking pencils and pens, both of which are common pattern-marking tools. Pencils come in a variety of substances, from your standard pencil to one that is a chalk. And pens come in a variety of different ways in which they can be removed, from air soluble to water-soluble to heat removable.

Nicki talks about many of these and gives tips on how to choose a fabric marking tool depending on the fabric being used. If, after watching this tutorial, you need to mark some fabric, but don’t have any of these pattern-marking tools—learn about using soap as a marking tool.

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