Using Soap as a Marking Pen

Duration: 1:19

Have you ever ran out of tailor chalk or lost your tailor chalk in the middle of a sewing project? If so, Leah Rybak shows you how using a bar of soap as a marking pen is a great and simple alternative! See an awesome example for using this technique and learn how to efficiently break your bar of soap into marking pieces.

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5 Responses to “Using Soap as a Marking Pen”

  1. Laurie

    Actually, you would want to use caution when marking fabric with anything, even when a pencil or tailors wax says it is for marking fabric. Some kinds should not be used on dryclean only, fabrics and even on washable fabrics. Some times dry cleanables have to be cleaned afterwards, my former employer ended up having to dry clean an item after someone used soap. Some times after washables are pressed, they will show marks and need to be cleaned. So check on a seam allowance or selvage first before you use a marking implement so you can avoid dry cleaning expense.

  2. Carol Koehn
    Carol Koehn

    I’ve used soap also, the last thin sliver of a bar that no one wants to use anymore! 🙂 I have had a concern about leaving soap in a fabric too long, so generalyl try to stick with using soap when I know the fabric will soon be washed. Has anyone had negative outcomes with using soap as a marking device?