Emily Steffen

How to Make a Zippered Puppy Dog Face Pouch

Emily Steffen
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Duration:   41  mins

In this video, Emily Steffen teaches you how to make a zippered pouch shaped like a puppy dog face. This dog face pouch is the perfect gift for any dog lover, and kids will love to sew a dog pouch that looks like their four-legged friend.

Patterns: Download Labrador and Pug Dog Face Patterns

Download the Labrador and pug dog face patterns to get started.

Mix and Match Fabrics: Discussing Pattern Pieces and Fabric Combinations

Emily discusses the pattern pieces and how to mix and match fabrics. Then Emily demonstrates how to add a fusible web to the wrong side of the snout, eyes, and nose pieces. A fusible web is a double-sided fusible glue with a paper backing. It’s different from fusible interfacing, which gives body and structure to the fabric. Emily demonstrates how to remove the paper backing from the fusible web once the pattern shapes are cut out and fused onto the dog’s face.

Applique Technique: Attaching Snout, Eyes, and Nose Pieces

Use a zigzag, straight, or other decorative stitch to applique the snout, nose, and eye elements onto the dog’s face. Emily provides tips on applique needle position and working around small spaces.

Assembling the Pouch: Stitching Ears, Shortening Zipper, and Sewing the Pouch

Next, stitch the ear pairs together, clip the seam allowances, then turn them right side out. Emily demonstrates how to attach the ears to the dog’s face. If your zipper is too long, Emily demonstrates how to shorten a plastic tooth zipper to the necessary size. Follow Emily’s instructions to stitch each zipper tape between an outer and lining fabric piece.

Finishing the Pouch: Stitching the Pouch Perimeter and Lining

Then, align the pouch’s outer fabrics with the right sides together and the lining with the right sides together, ensuring the zipper is partially open. Stitch the pouch perimeter, leaving an opening in the lining. Clip the seam allowances, then turn the pouch right side out. Stitch the lining opening closed, and your puppy pouch is done!

More Zipper Pouch Projects: Explore Different Designs

For more zipper pouch projects, check out this simple or boxy zippered pouch.

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