Zippered Box Pouch

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Duration: 38:54

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Learn how to sew a zippered pouch for storing sewing notions or cosmetics. This boxy fabric pouch uses only two supplies and stitches up in no time.

This zippered pouch pattern is made using quilting cotton for the outer and lining layers, but if a sturdier fabric basket is desired, Ashley recommends either fusing mediumweight interfacing to the outer fabric, or using a stiffer fabric to sew the zipper pouch.

Cut the five outer fabric and five lining pieces per Ashley’s instructions. Ashley rounds the corners of the top and bottom squares to more easily attach them to the pouch.

Use a zipper at least as long as the desired circumference of the pouch, but a longer zipper can also be used and cut down to the correct size.

Ashley demonstrates how to sandwich the zipper between the outer and lining fabrics to create the front zipper panel of the pouch. Topstitching ¼” from each seam ensures the zipper remains secure.

Stitch the back rectangles to the zipper panel short edges to create the pouch body. Ashley demonstrates a technique for pulling gently on the fabric to ensure you’re pressing the seams exactly open while avoiding pressing directly on the zipper.

If it becomes too difficult to stitch the lining back rectangle to the pouch tube, stitch half the seam from one side, turn it around and stitch the rest of the seam from the other direction.

Finish off the fabric basket by attaching the top and bottom squares to the tube, then finish the seam allowances.

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