Nicki LaFoille

Round Pillow

Nicki LaFoille
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Duration:   38  mins

Stitch a patchwork pillow using triangle shaped wedges to piece together the pillow front. The pillow includes a gusset for added depth, and a shank button for tufting at the center.

Download the Triangle Template

Nicki discusses ideas for mixing and matching fabric scraps to create different color schemes and designs on your round pillow. The finished pillow will measure roughly 14” in diameter.

Cut out 12 triangle wedges in your chosen fabrics and arrange them as desired. Nicki demonstrates how to stitch the wedges together in pairs first, and how to press the seams to eliminate bulk at the center.

Once the pillow front is completed, Nicki demonstrates how to fold it in half and use it as a template to cut out the pillow back circle, ensuring the front and back are the same size. Quarter-mark the pillow back, and mark the center button placement.

Stitch the gusset short edges using a ½” seam allowance, and quarter mark both long edges. Nicki discusses how to attach the straight edge of the gusset to the curved edge of the pillow front, and how to troubleshoot disparities in length between those edges.

Repeat to attach the pillow back to the remaining gusset edge, leaving an opening for turning the pillow right side out. Nicki demonstrates how to trim down the seam allowances using pinking shears to eliminate bulk, and how to complete this step using snips, if pinking shears aren’t available.

Stuff the pillow to the desired fullness, keeping in mind the tufting action of the button will squeeze the center down further. Nicki demonstrates how to close the opening using a slipstitch.

To tuft the pillow with a button, Nicki demonstrates the No Knot technique that eliminates a knot anywhere on the fabric.

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