Nicki LaFoille

Sewing Room Organization Tips

Nicki LaFoille
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Duration:   7  mins

Nicki LaFoille provides tips for sewing room organization and storage, so you don’t have to waste your time searching for the right fabric, pattern, or thread, and you can get right to creating!

Her first tip is for storing store-bought patterns. After using a pattern, often the tissue paper is difficult to get back into the envelope neatly, especially if the envelope tears. Nicki recommends storing the envelope, pattern, and any notes or extra notions in a gallon Ziploc bag. Then store it in a tote or drawer. Or, poke a hole at the bag upper edge and thread it over a hanger to hang in a closet.

For patterns you’ve traced onto larger paper, Nicki recommends storing those rolled up. Secure the roll with a hair tie or rubber band. Write pattern details on the outside, and store the rolls stacked upright in a tote to avoid squishing and creasing the paper.

Storing fabric can typically be a hassle. Nicki recommends folding the fabric and storing it stacked on its side, like files in a filing cabinet, rather than stacked on top of each other. This way, you can easily see the edges of the fabric and can find what you want at a glance.

Thread is another notion that sewists accumulate. Nicki stores thread spools in a fishing tackle box. It has dividers to separate thread colors and keep everything tidy.

If you wind off a bobbin and want to store it with the same color thread spool, Nicki demonstrates how to use a hair tie or rubber band to secure the bobbin to the spool. This can also secure the thread ends to prevent unraveling.

Check out even more ideas for Storing your Sewing Supplies. Keep your sewing table clean of thread bits and scraps by making your own Pincushion/Garbage bag.

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