Nicki LaFoille

All-in-One Pincushion Thread Catcher

Nicki LaFoille
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Duration:   33  mins

Learn how to stitch an all-in-one pincushion and garbage basket designed to hang off the edge of your sewing desk to catch scraps and stray threads. Nicki LaFoille shows you how!

Nicki goes over the supplies needed for the project and the dimensions of all the pieces. Nicki uses door hinges as the pincushion weights to hold the bag up on the desk, but you can use anything that is similarly flat and heavy. Also, learn alternatives to the optional plastic mesh that holds the upper edge of the trash bag open, such as zip ties.

First, Nicki demonstrates how to create the straps that hold the garbage bag onto the pincushion. Then you will learn how to attach the straps to the pincushion rectangle and create the pincushion.

Stitch the outer trash bag and lining according to Nicki’s instructions. Remember to leave an opening in the center back seam of the lining rectangle for turning everything right side out.

Nicki demonstrates how to box the corners of the outer trash bag and lining to create depth and space. Then she shows how to align and sandwich the pincushion straps between the trash bag layers. Stitch the trash bag’s upper edge using a ½” seam allowance, then turn the right side out.

Nicki shows how to create a ½”-wide flexible ring from the plastic mesh typically used for needlepoint. Insert the flexible ring (or zip tie) between the lining and outer bag and shimmy it up to the upper edge. Topstitch just below the ring, then topstitch the lining opening closed.

Insert the weights and stuffing into the pincushion according to Nicki’s instructions, then stitch the pincushion opening closed.

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