ZJ Humbach

Super Simple Sewing Gift Bags

ZJ Humbach
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Duration:   13  mins

Sewing gift bags can be a quick and easy alternative to wrapping paper, especially if you are giving a gift to a fellow sewing enthusiast! ZJ Humbach shares several different gift bag ideas and shows you how to make a simple bag from start to finish.

Plan Ahead

When sewing gift bags the most important thing to consider is what is going in the bag and how big it is. ZJ explains that gift bags can easily be made in multiple sizes and kept on hand for when you need them but if you are making one for something specific you will need to measure your fabric. She also explains that a project like this does not require exact measurements and knowing how much fabric you will need can be as simple as wrapping it around what you plan to put in the bag. ZJ also explains how to plan ahead for finishing and embellishing the bag with something like a decorative cuff, as that might require extra fabric. She also shows how a decorative cuff can be made from the same fabric as well as a contrasting fabric.


Once you have a square or rectangle of fabric cut for your bag, the first step is to press under a hem along the top edge and stitch it in place. ZJ then shows how to stitch the main side seam of the bag, explaining what type of seam she likes to use and why as well as demonstrating how to do it. Once the side seam is complete she demonstrates how to sew the bottom seam as well. With both seams done, fold over the cuff and add a decorative tie ribbon for the finishing touches. Sewing gift bags as well as sewing your own gift wrap supplies are perfect last minute wrapping and gift giving ideas.

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