Stephanie Ohnmacht

Sewing Slant Pockets

Stephanie Ohnmacht
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Duration:   23  mins

Stephanie Ohnmacht provides specific tips and techniques for making a slant pocket in this video. You’ll learn how to spice up standard patterns with the added convenience and flair of a side seam pocket. Stephanie also shows you some examples of how you can add a pop of color to your slant pockets.

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6 Responses to “Sewing Slant Pockets”

  1. Gerry

    This could have been so much better had she used marking tools you could see. It probably looked fine to her, but to those of us watching it was too difficult to see. Maybe a red pencil would have been better.

  2. Cindy

    Very helpful tutorial, thank you!

  3. whitemarlece

    Thank you for the demo, I always make my pockets too short, in your video it has to comply with the length and width of the hand, Thank you

  4. Elaine

    Stephanie is an excellent instructor. Her directions are clear and the video camera shows each step clearly. One of the better videos I've watched on here.

  5. Janet

    Thank you Stephanie for another useful class - Stephanie is definitely one of your more knowledgeable instructors who delivers information that you actually want to know. Most serious sewers don't want to make little pieces of tatt that just end up in landfill. Please can we have more serious dressmaking/couture videos.

  6. Umm Den2

    Thanks for this tutorial. Pockets have been a stickler for me. I enjoyed this and I intend to try it for my new skirt.

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