Nicki LaFoille

Sweet Dreams Eye Mask

Nicki LaFoille
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Duration:   21  mins

A DIY sleep mask is a perfect quick and easy sewing project for beginners.

Nicki LaFoille shows you how to use her easy sleep mask pattern to make an eye mask with elastic that is great for every night use or if you are traveling and need to sleep on the plane.

Sleep Mask Pattern

Nicki begins by talking about the supplies needed for this project. This includes the sleep mask pattern piece, fabric, batting, elastic, and lingerie sliders. She then explains more about each of these items, including what type of fabric she likes to use and why what type and size of elastic is good for this project and what lingerie sliders are.

Nicki then shows the pattern piece needed for this project and explains how to align it on the fabric and cut out the pieces.

Nicki then demonstrates how to make the DIY sleep mask step-by-step. She shows how to layer the inner and outer sleep mask pattern pieces that were cut from cotton fabric with the pattern piece cut from batting. She then shows how to stitch the edges, explaining what seam allowance to use and where to leave open so that the mask can be turned right side out. She also shows where and how to place the elastic when sewing the pieces together so that they will be caught in the edges.

Once stitched, Nicki shows how to turn, press, and finish the sleep mask. She also demonstrates how to use the sliders on the elastic to make the mask fit tighter or looser.

After you’ve made one, or several easy sleep masks, make more fun quick and easy projects with Nicki including learning how to make a flu mask and how to make a fun bow scrunchie. All of these projects are also great for using up small scraps of fabric.

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