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Top Sewing Tools

Nicki LaFoille
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Having the right tools in your sewing room can help you complete many projects more easily, but it’s hard to know what you might need. Find out what Nicki LaFoille’s must-have sewing tools are and how to use them.

Top Sewing Tools:


One of the first sewing tools Nicki recommends that you have is a stiletto. This is a very sharp, pointed tool that can help you easily guide fabric under the presser foot in areas where you either can’t get your hand where you need it or pins can’t be used.

Knit Stay Tape

Her next go-to tool for her sewing room is knit stay tape. This is very helpful to anyone trying to sewing projects or garments from knit or knit blend fabrics. It is a thin, lightweight fusible tape that can be added to the edges of the fabric to keep it from rolling under or puckering when stitching. It can also make stitching knit fabric a little easier in general.

Tissue Paper

Another tool that can help keep seams from puckering is tissue paper. Nicki explains how it can be used both under and on top of the fabric being stitched to help keep it laying flat and allow it to easily feed through the machine. The paper can be stitched through and then easily torn away.

Rotary Cutter

Another tool that Nicki recommends sewers invest in is a rotary cutter. While some may think that rotary cutters are more commonly used by quilters, rotary cutters can make cutting out long straight or slightly curved lines of pattern pieces much quicker and easier. If you are new to rotary cutting, please be sure to follow all rotary cutter safety tips and techniques.

Aluminum Foil / Pattern Weights

Nicki then shares additional sewing tools that she recommends having in her sewing room, which includes aluminum foil and pattern weights.

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2 Responses to “Top Sewing Tools”

  1. Johanna

    Love these tips thank you so much

  2. Sandra

    Great tips! I have an awl which I think works the same as the stiletto, so useful. I didn't know that about the foil for sharpening...going to try it !

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