Rotary Cutter Safety Tips

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Duration:   11  mins

Ellen March demonstrates helpful techniques on how to correctly use a rotary cutter. Learn important safety tips when using a rotary cutter and find out when you should use this tool. See different varieties of rotary cutters as well as what accessories you can purchase to help organize your cutting area.

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4 Responses to “Rotary Cutter Safety Tips”

  1. Arlene

    I am a seasoned sewer, have been sewing since high school. I was cutting my material with my rotary blade and my hand was on my ruler when the cutter came up onto the ruler and cut my finger to the point that I ended up in an emergency room having my finger stitched. It took 4 stitches to stop the bleeding. I since then have ALWAYS worn a Klutz glove every time I use my rotary cutter. I get nervous whenever I see someone use a cutter without a glove.

  2. Mary Jo Bauer

    How do you prevent slicing into the ruler when cutting?

  3. Merrilyn garceau

    Never know about changing blade to other side for left handers. Thanks so much!

  4. debra richardson

    trying to find out what gloves used rotary cutter safety tips are called can't make name out

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