Tara Rex

Using a Fabric Circle Cutter for Perfect Circles

Tara Rex
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Duration:   2  mins

Whether you are making yo-yos or planning out a rounded applique design, cutting circles can be a tedious process. Learn how to use a fabric circle cutter that makes cutting circles quick and easy.


When is comes to crafting and sewing shortcuts, there is usually a tool out there that can make a job easier. Tara Rex shows you how to use a fabric circle cutter to cut quick and easy circles in no time. She demonstrates how to use the tool and then explains its key parts. What makes the fabric circle cutter easy to use is that it can be done with one hand. Tara shows how you can simply hold on to the ratchet style handle of the tool, turn it in a clockwise direction, and cut a perfect circle. The tool doesn’t move while you are turning it because of a pointed tip that secures it in place. Like any other rotary cutter, this tool needs to be used with a rotary cutting mat, which is what helps hold the pointed tip in place. Another key part of the fabric circle cutter is the ratchet handle. Tara demonstrates how you can turn the tool and use the ratchet function to always keep your hand in a comfortable position.


This fabric circle cutter uses a rotary blade just like any other rotary cutter. Because of this it is important to remember to utilize the same safety measures with this tool that you would with a normal rotary cutter. The tool has a blade guard on it that should always be engaged when the tool is not in use. Also, remember to change your blades often so your tool always works efficiently. Seeing how quick and easy you can cut circles with this tool is just another reason why you need a rotary cutter in your sewing room to help you save time on your next project.

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4 Responses to “Using a Fabric Circle Cutter for Perfect Circles”

  1. Patricia Schleifer

    Cannot download this video

  2. Lori Rutledge

    What is the name and model of the tool she used?

  3. Laurie

    Great gadget. Don't know that I need it. At least not now.

  4. Janet

    I am unable to play this video. The last three videos will not play. I have logged in as a premium member but unable to now access videos! What a waste of money!

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